10 Best Restaurant Business Insurance in USA

Running a restaurant involves managing numerous risks, from food safety to customer incidents and property damage. Restaurant business insurance is crucial for protecting against these risks, ensuring that restaurant owners can operate confidently and securely. This article highlights the top 10 insurance providers in the USA that offer tailored, comprehensive insurance solutions specifically for restaurants.


1. The Hartford

The Hartford stands out with its specialized restaurant insurance program, which covers general liability, property insurance, and workers’ compensation. Known for its broad coverage options, The Hartford helps restaurants protect their assets, employees, and customers.


2. Travelers

Travelers offers tailored insurance for restaurants that includes food contamination insurance, liquor liability, and general liability coverage. Their risk management services help restaurant owners identify potential risks and implement preventive measures.


3. Nationwide

Nationwide provides a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) that is ideal for small to mid-sized restaurants. It combines property insurance, business interruption insurance, and liability protection, which can include foodborne illness and customer slip-and-fall incidents.

4. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual excels in offering customized insurance solutions for restaurants, focusing on liability and property damage, including options for business interruption insurance to cover losses from unexpected closures.


5. State Farm

State Farm’s business insurance for restaurants covers everything from employee theft to customer injuries and property damage. They offer a personal service through their network of agents, ensuring that restaurant owners get coverage that fits their specific needs.

6. Chubb

Chubb’s customizability makes it a prime choice for high-end and large-scale restaurants. Their coverage includes property, liability, and specialized risks like cyber liability, making it suitable for modern dining establishments with complex needs.

7. AXA

With a strong international presence, AXA provides comprehensive restaurant insurance that includes liability, property, and employee coverage. They are known for their efficient claims processing and excellent customer support.

8. Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance offers restaurant-specific coverage that includes food spoilage, fire damage, and liquor liability. Their policies are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by restaurant operators.

9. Progressive Commercial

While primarily known for vehicle insurance, Progressive Commercial extends robust business coverage for restaurants, particularly those with delivery services. Their policies can be tailored to include vehicle insurance, general liability, and property insurance.

10. Zurich

Zurich provides comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to the hospitality industry, including restaurants. Their offerings include not only general liability and property insurance but also employment practices liability and environmental liability, which are critical for larger establishments.


Selecting the right insurance provider is vital for restaurant owners to ensure comprehensive coverage that meets their unique industry needs. Each of these providers offers distinct advantages, whether it’s in coverage options, customer service, or risk management. Restaurant owners should consider their specific operational risks and customer base when choosing an insurance provider, ensuring they opt for a policy that offers complete protection, allowing them to focus on serving their patrons and growing their business.